Our Therapists


Hi, I’m Joy and I live in Bayswater with my husband Chris and our three fur babies – our dog Lani and our two cats – Romulus and Harper. All three are rescue pets, as were all the pets we have had throughout the years. All three keep us on our toes!
After working in various different industries, I decided it was time for a change and starting studying in disability, aged care and community services: an area I have come to love.
From my new found love – The Joy of Pet Therapy was born. Pet Therapy is being able to give people happiness, a chance to forget their problems for a while, as they enjoy the company of a pet – in this case, my dog Lani.  We provide a Pet Visiting Service for people in a range of settings, with various needs.  Pet Therapy can provide valuable respite for clients and their families too.
I look forward to starting on this new adventure and hope you’ll come along for the ride, with Lani and me!



My name is Lani and I’m a Border Collie x Maremma Sheepdog.  My name means Heaven in Hawaiian.

I’m 5 years old.
I was rescued by Joy and Chris from the RSPCA in Ballarat.
I have had basic training with the Knox Obedience Dog Club.
I have had obedience training with Claws and Paws.
I have had all my vaccinations.

I am Vet Accredited and have had a temperament assessment.

I look forward to providing therapy for people with Disabilities and Dementia.











Our Mission Statement

To bring happiness into people's lives through interaction with a visiting pet therapy dog.

To assist clients, customers and patients with an assisting pet therapy dog.

Provide therapeutic animals for the purpose of giving comfort and assist in daily living tasks.

Specialise in Pet Therapy with Aged Care but also providing Therapy Dog to assist with depression, isolation, anxiety and sensory needs to anyone, of any age.

Encourage the development of social skills, empathy skills, building relationships, encouraging routines and stress management skills, to both adults and children alike.

Working in partnership with clients, customers, patients and their families to encourage positive relationships with animals to maximise the benefits of the therapy session.

In consultation with each family, to decide what animal and how that animal would best benefit the client and thus, a program is tailored to suit each family’s individual needs.


Therapeutic dogs are not Assistance dogs. The distinguishing feature is that Assistance dogs are granted access to public places.
Clients, customers, patients or children, should not be left unsupervised with any dogs. Dogs are not baby sitters.