Pet Therapy

What is Pet Therapy?

Pet Therapy has been used since at least the 19th century as a means to calm and pacify patients who may be in long term care.  It is an effective and positive therapy that draws on the natural bond between animals and humans.  It also gives a strong feeling of being part of a home and family; this is turn can help people feel more settled into their new surroundings, whether in hospital, hospice or long term Aged Care Facilities.

By introducing a friendly and communicative dog into the environment of those clients in stressful or demanding circumstances, a noticeable improvement can be observed in the individual's function and quality of life.  Happiness is such a good medicine!!

Pet Therapy can be helpful in motivating clients and promoting mental and physical activity.

Hands-on interaction with a Therapy Dog promotes engagement and stimulates a sense of wellbeing, especially for those clients suffering Dementia or mental impairment.

Qualified Therapists use this phenomenon to promote physical contact with the animal's warm body, feeling heartbeats, caress soft skins and coats, notice breathing and giving hugs to the Therapy Dog.

The Joy of Pet Therapy also plan activities for clients that need physical movement.  These planned tasks include petting, walking and grooming the dog.

Animals provide a sense of meaning and belonging to the clients and offer something to look forward to during their long days.  It is good for regular stimulation, so weekly or monthly repeat bookings are recommended, so that the clients can bond with our Therapy Dog.