What do we do? . . .

From July 2016, The Joy of Pet Therapy will be offering 'animal-assisted-therapy' to individuals, whether in Aged Care Facilities, Day Centres or private residential homes.  Initially we be operating around the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne.

Pet Therapy has proven to be of enormous benefit in a wide range of circumstances.

Our visiting qualified Therapist can provide valuable therapy for clients with:


• Dementia

• Behavioural  Issues

• Autism


Typically, Pet Therapy is particularly recommended for:

• Children

• The frail and aged

• Rehabilitation

• Loneliness

• Those undergoing Chemotherapy

• Palliative Care


Positive contact between people and dogs has, since time immemorial, promoted a sense of wellbeing and comfort.

The resulting reduction of stress and anxiety helps clients to cope with whatever condition they are dealing with.

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